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Wishing Well Composter

Engineered with a wide open top. This organic design has handholds and a bottom access gate for easy mixing and turning. The rugged hoop bin is made with environmentally friendly recycled material and has a massive composting potential.

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• Includes: Wishing Well Composter + Home Composting Made Easy manual
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• Capacity: 18 cubic ft. (135 gallons)
• Dimensions: 30" H x 36" D
Made from 100% recycled material

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Our "Down in the Dirt" review
Are you wishing for more room to make more compost. Once you see what compost does for your garden, you can’t get enough of it. Besides, composting helps us keep Mother Earth in good condition. The Wishing Well Composter looks like a wishing well, but we don’t throw pennies into it, we get black gold out of it.

Free "Home Composting Made Easy" manual

Compost your yard, garden and kitchen waste. Engineered with a wide open top. This organic design has handholds and a bottom access gate for easy mixing and turning. The rugged hoop bin and lid are made from 100% post-consumer plastic and has ultra-violet light inhibitors to prevent fading. The  Wishing Well Composter has a massive composting potential.

The Wishing Well Composter was designed by a certified organic grower. Although his composting was done in long windrows using farm equipment, he saw the need for a larger-sized bin for home owners--- a unit large enough to hold all the yard trimmings and generate the higher temperatures for fast composting.



  • Capacity: 18 cubic feet or 135 gallons
  • Dimensions: 30"  High x 36" Diameter
  • Made with environmentaly recycled material.
  • Long life
  • Thermoformed lid with central rainwater hole.
  • Handholds for lifting bin from contents
  • 2 feet acces gate with  handle
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Molded brick pattern
  • Solid Black sidewall to retain heat
  • 135 square inches of 1/2 inch wide air slits surrounding base
  • A useful sixteen page "Guide to Backyard Composting"
  • Compost bin assembly instructions
  • Holding pegs ensures your composter stays firmly in place
  • Four sets od stainless steel nuts and bolts, as well as wingnuts for the compost access gate.
  • Smooth mortar joints are embedded into a textured surface above the air slits, with a brick pattern that has a raised look and feel.
  • Reinforced thermoformed lid with a rainwater hole allowing moisture to reach compost. A second lid can be put on the bottom of the composter.



Covered Bridge Organic, Inc.

Their name, Covered Bridge Organic links the memorable structure of rural transportation from an earlier time, and organic composting, the ancient art of returning organic nutrients to the soil. They've come back to the future through the covered bridge, so to speak, using images of the past to accomplish some of the recycling the needs of the future. Their design has developed over ten years, distributing tens of thousands to municipalities and ranked at the top for independent university field trials.

Covered Bridge Organic, Inc.
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