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Uwharrie Behrens Four Seat Bench with Back

The Uwharrie Four Seat Bench with Back. Made in the USA, like all Uwharrie products, the collection is designed to go nicely with any of the Uwarrie lines, to remain outdoors the entire year, and comes in 4 finishes; all natural, colors washed, paint distressed, and paint pristine with a choice of 27 paint colors.

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Material: Wood
Finish: Painted, Unfinished
Feature: 27 color choices 4 finish choices

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Uwharrie Four Seat Bench with  Back:

 The Uwharrie  Four Seat Bench with No Back .  Made in the USA, like all Uwharrie products, the  collection is designed to go nicely with any of the Uwarrie lines, to remain outdoors the entire year, and comes in 4 finishes; all natural, colors washed, paint distressed, and paint pristine with a choice of 27 paint colors.



  • Dimensions:  82" W x 25.5" D x 33" H
  • Finish Painted, Unfinished
  •  Made in the USA
  •  Colors: 27 color choices 4 finish choices
  •  Material plantation-grown, pressure treated, southern pine.
  •  Limited Warranty Policy:  See below

     If you desire seating to coordinate with existing surroundings choose the natural chairs, which can be stained, painted, or left to turn dark over time.  Those who prefer a splash of color to enliven their environment may choose a selection from Uwharrie Chair's finish palette.   Whatever your choice, the rustically styled outdoor furniture crafted by Uwharrie Chair will provide comfort and character for years to come.

     Customization available!  If you can dream it, Uwharrie can build it.  call us for details.

    Uwharrie's Lumber:  A number of environmental objections plague most outdoor furniture products. Tropical lumber harvesting devastates rainforests, old growth deforestation threatens endangered species, and plastics disposal harms the environment. Whether or not these alarms are overstated, the concerns behind them are valid. Uwharrie Chair Company offers a simple alternative to imported teak, painted metal or hardwood, and molded plastic: pressure treated pine. 

    The wood of choice for decks, docks, and landscape walks, treated lumber offers distinct advantages over other traditional outdoor materials. It is insect and rot resistant, milled from a renewable resource, plantation-grown southern pine.  Uwharrie Chair Company uses heavy, one inch thick, premium grade lumber, kiln dried after it has been pressure treated against rot and insects.   It may be left natural, stained, or painted.  


    Paint:  Paints used to coat Uwharrie Chair products are a water based, latex enamel, with special SPF component to reduce fading and toxic free rubber-like component to reduce peeling.  The pressure treated wood used in Uwharrie Chairs requires no additional protection from exposure to weather. This is why it's possible to distress the finish, giving the the appearance of time-worn antiques. As Uwharrie products age naturally, their rustic character will be enhanced. You should expect to see some additional paint loss and some surface cracking; exposed wood will eventually turn dark. But even as nature matures your furniture, the wood and the product will remain structurally sound for years to come.


    Finishes:  There are four  (4) finishes to choose from, natural, washed, distressed, and pristine.  Within the paint finishes, there are 27 colors to chose from.
    Natural - Plain pressure treated lumber, no clear coat, no paint, good for natural aging by the weather, or finishing yourself for that one of a kind, your's only, look.
    Washed - A wash is a watery paint finish that palely colors the wood allowing the grain to come through as if it had been painted long ago and weather many many a washing so that all that is left is more reminiscent of a stain than paint.  it's a neat trick.
    Distressed - Distressed is a couple coats of regular latex enamel paint.  After it dries it is lightly sanded in places to give it a worn/antiqued look.
    Pristine - is 3-4 coats of paint left untouched.

     Left or Right Wave:  You can choose which side you'd like the wave to be on, left or right facing seatbacks for creating harmonious, symmetrical arrangements.  Note:  When choosing, it should be considered as if you are standing facing the front of the chair.

     Hardware:  Bolts, nuts and washers are stainless steel, no rusting or corroding.

     Uwharries Limited Warranty Policy:  Each piece, including hardware, comes with a lifetime Uwharrie warranty against rot, water damage, or insect infestation when used under normal environmental conditions.    The original consumer is entitled to receive new wood replacement parts for damage to rot or termites.  The original consumer is also entitled to replacement hardware if any screws or bolts experience corrosion under normal environmental conditions.