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Urban Compost Tumbler 9.5 Cubic Foot Capacity

The revolutionary Urban Garden compost tumbling system makes compost in weeks, not months!

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10 Year limited warranty against material defects
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9.5 Cubic Feet Capacity (7.6 bushels or 71 gallons)
Ground space needed: 43" x 35"; 43"H x 33" W x 34.25"
Generates Compost in as little as 13 days

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Includes Free "Home composting made easy" manual

The Urban Compost Tumbler is one of the most efficient composters on the market today.The Urban Compost Tumbler produces compost in a clean, fully enclosed bin, making it ideal for composting both lawn and kitchen materials.  Additionally, by using the UCT-9 Tea Catcher (sold separately) you can capture the liquid gold that is compost tea. 

  • EASE OF USE, No need for constant turning associated with compost piles
  • SMALL FOOTPRINT, save the yard space that a traditional compost pile would take up
  • PATENTED CENTRAL AERATION SYSTEM for faster composting time... it's the best way to aerate your compost pile!
  • LOW MAINTENANCE, No cranks and rollers to get clogged up and no metal parts that can corrode
  • DESIGNED for efficiency, for today's fast paced lifestyle
  • KID & PEST PROOF, fully enclosed, off-the-ground unit
  • AVOIDS ODOR problems that can occur with most composting piles
  • AIDS IN MOISTURE CONTROL in excessively dry or rainy climates
  • PROVIDES INSULATION to aid in retaining heat generated in composting process, ensuring better quality compost in less time
  • PORTABILITY, the UCT can be moved about your yard with ease (when empty!)
  • TOOL FREE mixing and turning of the compost pile
  • 60-DAY GUARANTEED satisfaction or your purchase price back ... (shipping fees not included)
  • Download the Assembly and Users Manual

Call-Toll Free 1-866-567-0813    or Email- for deals on buying multiple Urban Composters!  Have two batches of compost going and get a fresh supply of compost every 6-7 days instead of every 13 days.


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