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Univent Automatic Window opener

This is our top selling vent opener because it is a terrific value that combines quality and convenience.

Our Price: $75.00
List Price: $ 79
Made from corrosion resistant aluminum and stainless steel
Stock #JUL-JU124

No electricity needed!, Solar-Powered
Can hold up to 15lbs. Controls top or side mounted window vents. for ventilation
Maximum ventilation is vital to any greenhouse in hot weather (85 degrees or warmer).

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Enhance airflow with our UV Louver & Window Opener. Opener ensures fully automatic opening and closing of your louver or window according to changes in temperature.

 • Ideal for greenhouses, shops, barns, or anywhere that additional airflow is needed.
• Solar-powered louver opener automatically opens and closes shutters as the temperature changes.
• Operating range is easily adjustable. The opener can be adjusted to automatically open at a temperature ranging from 60° F to 77° F.
• It is recommended that the opener be removed during the winter months.
• Does not require any electricity to function, it works by means of solar energy.
• Aluminum and stainless steel construction.

Replacement cylinder is available for the models.