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Tea Pot Garden - Lemon Balm Tea (Bargain Bin)

Grow your own tea leaves in a decorative tea pot! The bright green, puckered, egg-shaped leaves of this plant have an excellent lemon flavor and scent. The leaves have a slight undertone of mint and are best used fresh. Dry the stems and leaves and add to hot water to make a wonderful, invigorating tea. Toss fresh leaves, whole or chopped, into salads, poultry dishes, punch, or in fish marinades.

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Easy to follow growing instructions

4" Glazed Ceramic Tea Pot
Growing Coir Pellets
Premium Lemon Balm Seeds

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The history of tea is believed to date back over 5,000 years to ancient China. Tea is believed to possess many medicinal benefits and has become one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world today. Lemon Balm has a delightful fragrance, the herb signifies sympathy and longevity. Medicinally, lemon balm can be used to help release tension.

With your Teapot Garden you can watch your own tea leaves grow in a beautifully decorative glazed ceramic tea pot. Harvested tea can serve as a soothing hot drink in the cold of winter or as a thirst-quenching cold drink in the summer heat.

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