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Sunglo 1000C Greenhouse

From the deserts of Arizona to the snowfields of Alaska you won't find a better greenhouse for a better price. Made with an exclusive double-wall design, called "Therma-Truss". Provides 10 times the insulating properties of single-pane glass. Basically "baseball proof"!

Our Price: $4,499.00
Features "Therma-Truss" insulation: two layers of high impact acrylic form a "dead-air" space.
Stock #SGG-1000C

• Size: 7'9"W x 10"L
• Frame: Aluminum
• Panels: UV stabilized Acrylic Plexiglass

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* Must screw greenhouse to wood base, foundation, or decking for a solid anchoring of the greenhouse. No metal base with SunGlo Greenhouses available. Anchor kits are not necessary with this greenhouse.

Features & Specifications:

  • Size: 7'9"W x 10"L
  • Height: 7'
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Panels: UV stabilized Acrylic Plexiglass
  • Expandable in sections of 2 1/2 foot. (each section sold separately)
  • Impact & Wind resistance
  • Includes structure with storm style door (has vertical slider that exposes screening), exhaust fan/motorized shutter (sized to greenhouse) and aluminum bench framework, if requested. Also comes with detailed video and written instructions, rivet gun, rivets, drill bits, other necessary hardware, and vinyl sill-plate guards.
All models are cut to exact size and come with a demonstration video and complete written instructions, pop-rivet tools, rivets, drill bits, necessary hardware and storm-style door with vertical slider and screen.

Additional information

  • The Sunglo UV stabilized DR Acrylic has a 12 year warranty, but many areas of the USA get 15-22 year (or more) of use from the material before replacing any panels.
  • Sunglo Greenhouses are rated to be able to withstand 80 mph winds, but we have heard from many customers that nature has beaten on them with 100 mph, and even 107 mph without even leaking ... Florida loves to brag about that one.
  • Inch-sized hail doesn't bother this material; It's made to withstand high impact loads.
  • Snow slides off the smooth outer panel, the corrugated inner panel provides support and, with the outer panel, makes the inch and a half of trapped air space for insulation. That air-space is equivalent to an R3...just like the rating for heat-loss protection for your home windows.
  • Our set-em and leave-em temperature controls allow you to enjoy a vacation without worrying about losing your precious plants. 
  • Because Sunglo Greenhouses are made in 2 1/2 foot section, you can always add lenght years later if you wish.
  • You may choose to mount these into the ground (for more growing area), or onto your driveway or cement slab. Some ven place their greenhouse onto their deck, or use it over their back door for ease of entry (or to minimize heat-loss)... Cats love that option too.

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