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Solexx Lit'l Propagator Cold Frame

Now you can enjoy the superior quality of Solexx's unique glazing in this functional cold frame. Maybe you have limited space but you still feel the itch of growing fresh tomatoes in December. The Lit'l Propagator can fit those needs and much more!

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Size: 4'W x 4'L x 6'H
Frame: Composite Tubing & PVC
Panels: 3.5mm Twin Wall Solexx Panels

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The latest addition from Solexx, the Lit'l Propagator Cold Frame gives the opportunity to grow your plants even in a limited space like an apartment balcony or patio. And talk about starting the kids in learning about gardening, great way to start the next generation of gardeners.

Features & Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 4'W x 4'L x 6'H
  • Door size: 24" x 27"
  • 2 full-lenght removable 12" deep bench frames
  • UV treated PVC framing and connectors
  • Solexx  twin-wall greenhouse covering.

What is Solexx twin-wall panels? The perfect greenhouse covering: diffused light, insulated, easy to install, strong and affordable.

Insulated twin-wall Solexx™ greenhouse panels reduce your heating costs while providing 70-77% soft, diffused light - the best light for plants! The strong, shatter-proof greenhouse glazing protects your plants from strong winds, snow and other harsh weather conditions. Unlike other twin-wall greenhouse coverings, the flexible paneling can be bent around corners and easily cut with a utility knife.

Why is diffused light best? You have probably noticed that Solexx™ paneling does not look like other greenhouse coverings.

That’s because Solexx’s translucent design creates highly diffused light in your greenhouse--the best possible light for your plants
Diffused light and direct light are very different. Diffused light scatters in many different angles so the light energy reaches all areas of the greenhouse. With Solexx covering, even the bottom bench shelves are bathed in warm diffused light. Direct light is intense light concentrated in a small area. High light intensity creates excessive heat, hot spots and many shadows.

How does light diffusion affect plant growth? Plants create food from light so the type of light they receive is important. Plants exposed to direct light (no diffusion) produce a majority of their food from the top leaves facing the sun. The select leaves absorbing the sun energy do most of the work while the shaded leaves do very little. Direct light also creates excessive heat which causes plant stress. When a plant is immersed in diffused light, all the leaves can photosynthesize resulting in more food production and healthier, fuller plant development. In addition, the upper leaves of the plant receive less intense light which means they will not suffer from plant stress caused by sun burn and excessive transpiration.

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Adaptive Plastics, Inc , manufacturer of Solexx greenhouses and greenhouse covering, was first introduced to corrugated polyethylene plastic in 1986 and began manufacturing insulated twin-walled fruit harvesting totes for growers After experimenting with the corrugated plastic as a hot house covering and seeing how well tomato plants grew under the material, Mike and Bev Perry (CEO's) got the idea to use the panels to design a hobby greenhouse kit. University testing verified that the flutes in the twin wall plastic diffuse the light and capture it from various angles – accelerating the growth of plants. From there, with their backgrounds in biology and plant science, they set out to design an affordable, strong, and practical greenhouse that would be easy to use for all home gardeners – the Solexx Greenhouse.

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