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Rain Wizard 50 Flat Back Rain Barrel - Khaki

Water is scarce during the summer months and that’s when 40% of water is spent outdoors! Why not save your precious resources by using a Good Ideas, Inc. Rain Wizard. The Rain Wizard holds 50 Gallons of pure, rainwater.

Our Price: $142.99
•Includes: PE construction + Brass Spigot + Debri protection Screen + Free Shipping!
Stock #GII-RW50-K

•Capacity: 50.44 gallon
•Construction: Resin material with UV protection
•Dimensions: 31"H x 22"D x 23"W

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Your plants will enjoy the fresh water supply and you won’t have to waste your money on running hoses. The Rain Wizard is linkable with other Rain Wizards via a separately sold connector kit so you can dramatically increase the amount of water stored.

With the Rain Wizard, you have quality, molded plastic and parts. The metal screen cuts down on standing water and bugs.  The brass spigot is much higher quality than regular plastic versions.With its low price, the Rain Wizard will pay for itself several times over in water bill savings and is even cheaper and easier to maintain than Do-It-Yourself models.  Make the choice to save the planet and your money with Good Ideas, Inc.’s Rain Wizard.

  • Product Dimensions: 31"H x 22"D x 23"W
  • Shipping Dimensions: 32”H x 23”D x 24”W
  • Weight: 19lbs(22lbs. shipped)
  • 50.44 gallons capacity
  • Color: Khaki  (Available in four colors)
  • Resin material blocks UV light to resist fading and deterioration
  • Linkable to additional Rain Wizards with purchase of the connector kit
  • Resistant to rust, mold, mildew, and rotting
  • Shut-off valve for hose hook-up or dual overflow
  • Screen to keep out debris and insects
  • Secure closed design is child and pet safe and eliminates possibility of insect and mosquito breeding.
  • 8 year UV package.
  • Flat back allows the Rain Wizard 50 to fit easily against walls.
  • Brass Spigot.
  • Front dispensing overflow valve, moves water away from the downspout.
  • Easy assembly

Additional Information - Rain  Water Conservation Tips

1) Remember to drain and clean your Rain Wizard 50 on a regular basis and before the winter season.
2) Keep gutters and downspouts clear of debris to prevent pests and mosquitos from getting into your Rain Wizard 50.
3) Check connections often and clear grate filter when needed.

Reasons To Use A Rain Barrel
1) Reduces the amount of water draining in to sewer treatment facilities.
2) Lowers the impact of roof top runoff rainfall as a part of urban runoff.
3) Provides a backup source of water during times of drought or between rain showers.
4) Helps to keep creeks, lakes and beaches clean by reducing the amount of chemicals washed into bodies of water from run off.
5) Rain water is naturally softened water and is great for hydrating houseplants, washing vehicles and windows.
6) Saves you money by lowering your water bill.
7) Natural chlorine-free water helps maintain a thriving biotic community in local soil.

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