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Nino 55 Gallon Rain Barrel - Plus Version

Manufactured from recyclable virgin resin, FDA approved for contact with potable water, the Nino's end to end water catchment area along with its rectangular shape means it can be used in multiple positions. Notice the poly strainer lined with screen. Simple. Easy to use. Effective!

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• Includes: Niño 55 Gallon Rain Barrell - Plus Version + all components necessary to capture water (Plant Tray not included)
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• Capacity: 55 gallon
• Dimensions: 24 " W x 24 " L X 24" H
The beautifully designed Niño can handle serious water input

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Have you ever noticed the quantity of water that falls from your house in even moderate rain? It may not look like much but the quantity is very deceptive. One inch of rain on a 1,000 square feet roof equals 620 gallons. If you are attempting to capture as much as possible, you will want to make sure that your rain barrel can swallow all of the water your gutter can throw at it.

More and more people are discovering the advantages of rainwater harvesting. Soft water, free water for your landscaping and indoor plants - all while helping to conserve a precious resource. Also, many areas offer tax benefits for those with rain collection systems such as these barrels.

The Nino

The Nino is a smaller, specialty barrel intended for downspout applications. It is generally square-shaped, with a slight upward taper to allow for cost-effective shipping in quantity. The Nino is especially well-suited to small-garden applications where space is at a premium and multiple purposes are desired. It is equipped with an internal overflow, ball-style bottom drain, and removable top. An optional planter tray is also available for this line of barrels.

Nino Dimensions:
(in inches and pounds)
                            Height      Width     Weight (empty)      Weight (full)
55 Gallons       
24.00        24.00      23.00                        490.0


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The Nino is available in 13 solid or speckled colors:


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