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Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer and Hygrometer

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Backlight for easy reading
Stock #JUL-T1455

Reads the current inside and outside temperature
Registers the maximum and minimum of both
Reads the current greenhouse humidty

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Features and Advantages:

  • Indoor/Outdoor temperature readings
  • Indoor:  14˚ to 122˚F x 0.1˚ (-10˚ to 50˚C x 0.1˚)
  • Outdoor w/probe:  -58˚ to 158˚F x 0.1˚ (-50˚ to 70˚C x 0.1˚)
  • Indoor humidity reading
  • 20 to 99% RH x 1%
  • Backlight for easy reading
  • 10 ft. wire probe
  • High/low temp recall
  • High/low humidity recall
  • ˚F & ˚C Switch
  • Multi-line LCD readout
  • Stand or wall mount
  • Sleek contemporary styling

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