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Hydroponics is a technology for growing plants in nutrient solutions (water containing fertilizers) with or without the use of an artificial medium (sand, gravel, vermiculite, rockwool, perlite, peatmoss. coir, or sawdust) to provide mechanical support. Liquid hydroponic systems have no other supporting medium for the plant roots: aggregate systems have a solid medium of support. Hydroponic systems are further categorized as open (i.e., once the nutrient solution is delivered to the plant roots, it is not reused) or closed (i.e., surplus solution is recovered, replenished, and recycled).

Hydroponic culture requires only basic agriculture skills. Since regulating the aerial and root environment is a major concern in such agricultural systems, production takes place inside enclosures designed to control air and root temperatures, light, water, plant nutrition, and adverse climate.

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Climate Control / Co2
Hydorponic Climate Control / CO2
Fans / Blowers / Filters
Hydorponic Fans / BLowers / Filters
Fluorescent Lighting
Hydorponic Flourescent Lighting
Grow Light Ballasts
Hydorponic Grow Light Ballasts
Grow Light Bulbs
Hydorponic Grow Light Bulbs
Grow Light Reflectors
Hydorponic Grow Light Reflectors
Growing Media
Hydorponic Growing Media
Hydro Components
Hydor Components
Hydro Systems
Hydro Systems
Indoor Greenhouses
Hydorponic Indoor Greenhouses
Lighting Accessories
Hydorponic Lighting Accessories
Nutrients and Additives
Hydorponic Nutrients and Additives
pH/EC Maintenance
Hydorponic ph/EC Maintenance
Plant Care
Hydorponic plant care
Pumps - Air and Water
Hydorponic Pumps - Air and Water
Seed Starting, Cloning
Hydorponic Seed Starting, Cloning
Water Filtration
Hydorponic Water Filtration