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Finally a growing bed that you can actually turn into a greenhouse if you need to. This open bottom raised bed is 4ft long by 4ft wide (single module), that can be extended by  adding 4 ft extensions. The Grow camp growing system comes with Crystal Clear Poly-sheeting on front and back and Insect Poof netting on the roofing and sides. If you need to you can( purchase at additional cost) the Clear Poly-sheeting to add to the top and sides, (just roll it up during heat of the day and roll down at night, attaches by velcro). Roll up openings allow maximum ventilation in the summer time.

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Growcamp Trays
Add the grow  camp grow trays with their own little water storage and you will have plenty of new crops to replace that which is matured .(trays are additional cost)
The self-supporting planting trays can be mounted on the edge of the bed. They can also be placed on the supporting pole above and function as an additional shelf, while your planted beds keep producing your new seedlings are getting harden off . 2-trays will fit in each Growcamp section.

GrowCamp Solutions

  • GrowCamp makes it easy to grow vegetables - without any waste and without the use of pesticides.
  • After sowing, all you need to do is water during dry weather and you can enjoy watching your plants grow.
  • The limited amount of weeds appearing in the bed can be pulled up easily with your fingers. No gardening tools are needed!
  • When you have experienced the joy of home-grown lettuce or lovely worm-free peas, your appetite will be whetted.
  • GrowCamp provides ample opportunities for growing all kinds of vegetables for the benefit and enjoyment of you and your family.


Growcamp Raised Bed
  • Produces up to four times higher yield due to the excellent conditions of soil, temperature and light.
  • Comfortable working height - well-defined area.
  • Easy to assemble - can be placed almost anywhere
Growcamp Insect net
  • Avoid slugs, insects and other nuisances, such as deer, cats, balls, etc.
  • Protects against heavy rain and strong wind - ensuring luxuriant, crisp vegetables.
  • The net provides light shading and good ventilation.
  • About 90% rain penetrates
Grow camp Greenhouse
  • With transparent plastic covers the grow tent functions as a greenhouse.
  • Longer growing season - harvest several times.
  • Grow chili, tomato, cucumber and other greenhouse plants..