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Grass Stitcher - Lawn Repair Tool

Introducing the Grass Stitcher. Finally, there's a simple tool that lets you inexpensively repair bare spots in your lawn quickly and easily. It's the revolutionary Grass Stitcher, the world's first and only hand tool for fast, effective lawn repairs.

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Perfect for soft and hard soil.
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Just stitch, seed && sprinkle!
The Revolutionary new tool, for fast & effective lawn repair
Easy to use, and much less expensive than other methods for lawn repair

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The sturdy Grass Stitcher delivers a return on your investment every time you use it. Your only other expense is seed and starter fertilizer. This makes the Grass Stitcher much less expensive than any other method. When you look at the real cost of those other ways to repair your lawn the Grass Stitcher is an outstanding value.

In fact, your Grass Stitcher will pay for itself after the second lawn repair, which makes it the least expensive and easiest method for repairing your lawn. So stop wasting your money and time on quick lawn gimmicks or heavy processes. With the Grass Stitcher, you just stitch, seed, sprinkle and save.

Organic Lawn Care
People everywhere are turning to organic lawn care to ensure a healthier environment. The Grass Stitcher is the perfect tool to create a healthy, safe and beautiful lawn-free of chemicals.

Tips for a healthy, organic lawn:
  1. Use organic fertilizers to feed the living organisms in the soil, so grass plant gain full benefit from the soil.
  2. Test your soil's pH. Lawn grasses like to grow in a neutral pH.
  3. Mow your lawn high to crowd out weed seeds and grow a deeper root structure.
  4. Keep your lawn dense and thick with the Grass Stitcher to crowd out weed seeds.
  5. Never use pesticides. Just stitch, seed and sprinkle when trouble areas emerge

The Grass Stitcher's two modes of action - one for hard ground, one for soft - let you get the job done anywhere.The foot pedal lets you perforate even hard ground easily.

For soft ground, lower the horizontal handle for even quicker perforations, using just your own body weight 

- Critical planting depth is achieved though the angled shaft and head bracket with minimal leveraged energy

- Lightweight, so anyone can use it

Durable aluminum construction with heavy duty welds for years of value

Have you ever used a grading rake or one of those other tools with pointed wheels to repair your lawn? Then you know how difficult it is to penetrate the soil, how quickly your arms get sore and how easily those cheap pointed wheels break.

Plus, you get poor results, because those tools aren't right for the job and can't provide the proper planting depth and soil/seed contact. The Grass Stitcher's efficient design easily transfers the needed force from leg power or body weight to reach the proper planting depth every time. If the soil is hard, slide up the horizontal handle and use the footpad to apply pressure while rocking the wheels back and forth with your leg.

If the soil is soft, slide down the horizontal handle to use your body weight to rock the wheels back and forth for even quicker repairs. With either mode, maximum energy is transferred directly to the spikes, thanks to the efficient design of the angled shaft and head bracket.

Whatever the working condition, there is no easier way to create the perfect seed germination environment. So stop wasting your time with the wrong tool for the job and let the Grass Stitcher fix your lawn with ease.

Benefits and Uses:

  • Costs much less. The sturdy Grass Stitcher delivers a return on your investment every time you use it. Your only other expense is seed and starter fertilizer. This makes the Grass Stitcher much less expensive than any other method.
  • Lightweight. Easy to use. Anyone can use it.
  • Repair Pet Damage. Eliminate those unsightly pet-urine-damaged areas quickly and easily with the Grass Stitcher. Dog urine damages lawns because it contains high levels of ammonia, which contains nitrogen, an ingredient found in common lawn fertilizers. A high concentration of it burns the grass. The key to repairing a pet-damaged area is to disperse the excess nitrogen so seeds can germinate. That's exactly what the Grass Stitcher does. First, water the area well to wash out nitrogen, and then use the Grass Stitcher to prepare for seeding and to crumble the soil, allowing oxygen to penetrate and dissipate the nitrogen further. Then spread seed, keep moist and watch your lawn grow back. Just stitch, seed and sprinkle, and those bare spots disappear.
  • Repair tight spots. The Grass Stitcher goes where other tools can't. You can stitch the edges of curbs, walks or around sprinkler heads in a snap. Conventional lawn renovation machines are big, bulky and expensive. Because they can't get into tight spots, areas around curbs, walks and sprinkler heads are often left unseeded. Not anymore! The Grass Stitcher is the perfect tool to reach those hard-to-seed spots so your lawn will be uniformly covered with grass.
  • Repair thin lawn areas. Thicken sparse areas easily and quickly by stitching directly through remaining grass blades. There's no need for major lawn renovations, topsoil or heavy equipment when your lawn has thin areas. With the Grass Stitcher, you just stitch, seed and sprinkle directly through those sparse areas, leaving the remaining grass blades, then watch the new seedlings grow between the existing grass blades for a thick, lush and beautiful lawn. No fuss, mess or major expense -- just quick and easy lawn thickening.
  • Seed germination. The unique action of the Grass Stitcher's patent-pending wheel design creates the perfect environment for seed germination. And the leveraged handle ensures correct planting depth every time. The Grass Stitcher's angled, spiked wheels work like small plows. They create a mounding effect, loosening soil around the rim of an extra-wide hole created by the spike support arm. After you spread seed over the perforations and water, the seed sinks into the wide holes and is buried by the loosened soil.
  • Organic lawn care. People everywhere are turning to organic lawn care to ensure a healthier environment. The Grass Stitcher is the perfect tool to create a healthy, safe and beautiful lawn-free of chemicals.
  • Superior results without paying the price to professionals. Most seeding failures result from inadequate moisture or improper planting depth. Have you ever sprinkled one of those messy bagged patch materials (as seen on TV), only to see some of it germinate then whither away? This happens because poor soil/seed contact results in the seed drying out.
    If the seed does happen to germinate, it will never penetrate the hard soil below and will eventually fail. The Grass Stitcher eliminates all these obstacles for successful repairs every time. So don't fall for those so-called easy solutions in a bag. Choose the method that really works every time
  • Eco-friendly. There's no need to spread potentially harmful insecticides when it's quick, easy and inexpensive to fix lawn damage if it occurs with the Grass Stitcher. Now you don't have to spread potentially harmful chemicals on your lawn to protect against grubs and other pests. Keep your environment and your family healthy and save money by using the Grass Stitcher.
  • Plant Flowers. Plant alternative ground covers or wildflowers from seed in no time, with the handy Grass Stitcher. Just stitch, seed and sprinkle! Maybe you would rather grow something colorful along that rear border or that problem spot below that tree. Use the Grass Stitcher to plant your favorite plants. Just stitch, spread your favorite flower seed and sprinkle. Then watch your yard transform into a colorful retreat.
  • Stop crabgrass/weeds. The Grass Stitcher gives you an easy way to deal with that unsightly crabgrass this fall so it won't emerge again next year. You don't need chemicals, and you don't even need to pull out the crabgrass. Just stitch, seed and sprinkle directly through the crabgrass. Because crabgrass is an annual weed, it will die off at the first frost, and the new grass will grow directly through the old dead crabgrass.