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Geo Bin Instant 14 Bushel Compost Bin (Bargain Bin)

Strong and lightweight, the Geo Bin compost bins turn yard waste into rich, fertile soil. The adjustable bins store, aerate and compost up to 14 bushels of grass clippings and leaves.

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Ventilating holes admit air and moisture. Retains heat and moisture for faster decomposing
Stock #ALC-GB14

•Dimensions: Up to 36" Diameter x 36" H
14 Bushel Capacity (112 Gallons)
Simple assembly with no tools required

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Our "Down in the Dirt" review
If all you have is a little bit of grass clippings once in a while, this is what you can use for composting them, or to hold them until you’re ready to put them into a hot composter. I spray water inside whenever I go by it to help the material shrink. Here in Colorado, with a lot of wind, if I didn’t put my compost material in a bin, it would blow to Kansas in one day.

Help prevent landfill overcrowding and save money on fertilizer at the same time! 

The Geo Bin Compost bin is one of the most affordable and simple solutions on the market.  The flexible assembly means it takes only minutes to put up and can go anywhere in your yard. 

The exclusive Geo Bin material is lightweight but extremely strong.  The perforations provide excellent aeration, while holding the compost pile together to accelerate decomposition.



  • Composting Instructions
  • Clips and stakes
  • Assembly hardware
  • Geo Bin Instant 14 Bushel Compost Bin
  • Home Composting Made Easy - manual