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Garden Screen Enclosures


We have all been there at one time or another. A Large family gathering from the oldest to the youngest. You have been planning this gathering for a long time and been cooking up a storm so everything is ready and you can visit old friends and family that you haven’t had quality time with in years. The food is all layed out, drinks are cold and plenty and everyone is hungry and full of laughter. Shoot, as you look around you are reminded of a Norman Rockwell moment, how perfect can this get?


Then it happens, first one little bite on the arm, then a no see em flying around your face as you try to eat some fruit. Then you hear it, that all knowing bbzzzzz that can only mean yellow jackets! One buz turns into an airport runway. Everyone grabs what they have on their plates and dodges for the house and garage. Yes all that food layed out is still out and No one wants seconds. The yellow cloud around the buffet is a No Go Zone (continued below...)

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Garden Screen Enclosure Kit - Standard 
 Garden Screen Enclosure Kit - Standard 
•Dimensions: 12' x 12'
•Frame: Aluminum
Stock#  USA-144wc
Brand:  Universal Screen 

Price: $2,999.00 
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O.K. maybe you have never experienced the above, Lucky YOU, I have, and yes I did all that dang cooking ahead of time- 2days shopping and 3 days cooking. I can still see all that food as it layed outside of our reach only to end up as dog food for the next week. Sigh..

Now had I had the Garden Screen enclosure we could of kept the food with us at the table and enjoy the visit while the Hornets exhausted themselves and leave. I really would have had that Norman Rockwell moment with ease. Course the guys would still be in the garage most of the time,that is after all where the Beer kegs were kept.

Moral of the story? Screen it in and enjoy the fruits of your labor of love.

Have a Great Party!

Theresa Saldivia expert