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FlowerHouse Conservatory Greenhouse

It doesn't get any easier than the FlowerHouse. It has a one of a kind innovative design that allows this hobby greenhouse kit to set up in under 5 minutes with no tools required. Perfect for getting a jump on spring plantings or extending crops in the fall. When you're done, just pack it up for the next season. Shade cloth provided with FlowerHouse greenhouses!

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Stock #FLO-FHCV900

• Size: 9 ft. diameter x 10 ft. tall
• Frame: Light weight, portable self-erecting
• Covering 100% Waterproof Gro-Tec™ (UV resistant with rip stop protection)

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The Conservatory greenhouse from FlowerHouse is a uniquely designed self-erecting portable greenhouse. Its patented innovative design allows this hobby greenhouse kit to set up in under 5 minutes with no tools required. This is made possible by a spring loaded frame which erects in seconds. The disassembly of this greenhouse is just as simple meaning that this greenhouse can be readily transported or stored away for the winter. Weighing only 69 lbs makes it convenient for moving this light weight portable greenhouse from location to location. A free storage bag with a shoulder strap is included to further enhance the portability and storage of this greenhouse unit. This greenhouse has a spacious design of 9' wide by 9' deep by 10' high with one 3' wide by 6' high doorway.

The FlowerHouse Conservatory greenhouse is made of Gro-Tec polyethylene fabric which is UV resistant for longer life. The Gro-Tec material is a quality material which offers Rip-stop protection which means that if you were to get a tear in the cover, the rip will not continue. It is also a strong material which is 100% waterproof that is designed to withstand driving rain, hail, and snow. The Gro-Tec fabric is designed to transmit %75 of light and to diffuse light thereby reducing excess light on upper leaves and increasing the amount of light reflected onto lower leaves. The net result is an enhanced growing environment for your greenhouse nursery.

The Conservatory greenhouse is the perfect home greenhouse for all kinds of geographic locations. Ground stakes and high-wind tie-downs are included with the greenhouse so it will remain securely in place. It is designed for high wind conditions up to 60 mph.

The FlowerHouse Conservatory greenhouse comes standard with numerous other features which makes it a perfect environment for greenhouse gardening. One large screened doorway and eleven screened vent /window openings allow for optimum air circulation throughout the entire structure. The screened doorways and vents/windows protect your plants from birds, insects and all other pests that could otherwise damage and ruin your delicate flowers. Straps are attached to the side of the doorways and above the vents to hold them open while you are gardening or if you feel you need more air circulation. It comes standard with a shade screen to protect your plants from over exposure to the sun. The Conservatory greenhouse features 2 conveniently located flaps for hose or power cord access. All of these features make the FlowerHouse Conservatory greenhouse a perfect choice that will meet all your greenhouse gardening needs.

FlowerHouse Conservatory Features:

    • Low Cost High Quality Hobby Greenhouse Which Is a Good Value For Your Storage Dollars
    • Long Life Gro-tec Rip-stop Polyethylene Fabric
    • Cover is 100% waterproof
    • Fabric Designed to Handle All Kinds of Weather Including Harmful UV Rays, Rain, Snow and Sun
    • Includes High-wind Tie-downs and Ground Stakes
    • Wind Load Rating of 60 mph
    • Self-Erecting Quick Assembly in Under 5 Minutes Requiring No tools
    • Portable Greenhouse - Can Be Readily Disassembled and Moved to Another Location
    • Free Storage Bag with a Should Strap is Included
    • Light weight to Enhance Portability
    • Convenient Access Points for Hoses and Power Cords
    • Can Create Endless Chains of Conservatorys Greenhouse Units
    • Includes Shade Cover to Protect From Over Exposure to Sun
    • Spacious Design With 108" Wide by 108" Deep by 120" High
    • 11 Screened Vents/Windows and 1 Screened Doorway
    • Straps Included to Hold Vents and Doorways Open
    • Three Year Limited Warranty


      Prior to assembling the greenhouse, contact your community building commission to determine if a building permit is required. Place your FlowerHouse greenhouse on flat, even ground and if possible raised above the surrounding ground. This will allow for good drainage of rainwater. As you water plants it is impossible not to get water on the ground. To avoid a muddy floor, cover it with pea rock, fieldstone, bricks, gravel, or mulch. Choose an area where there will be maximum sun exposure. Once your greenhouse is erected, secure it using the high-wind tie-downs and all supplied stakes. Along the bottom, place heavy materials on the exterior and interior skirting. Use decorative materials such as stones, bricks, landscaper timers, potted plants to weigh it down. Make sure the shelving is secured before installing any shelving or plant benches.

      Care and Maintenance

      • Cleaning - With a low pressured sprayer, hose down the walls to get rid of dirt and dust. If mold and mildew has grown, wash away with warm water and mild soap (such as dish soap).
        Do not use detergents when washing the greenhouse as they are abrasive and can damage the fabric.
      • Snow Accumulation  - In heavy wet snow and ice storms pay attention to the load on the roof. It is recommended that you clear any accumulation frequently. For smaller models wipe or use a soft brush to clear. With larger models walk inside and slap the roof to clear.
      • Preparing For Storage - Before storing your FlowerHouse greenhouse make sure it is clean and completely dry. Mold and mildew may grow and stain your greenhouse if it is stored wet or damp.


FlowerHouse greenhouses lightweight, self-erecting design make transport, set-up and take-down easier than ever before. If you're looking to create your own garden paradise, you're looking in the right place. FlowerHouses are perfect for creating your beautiful, personal garden. As a professional horticultural product, FlowerHouses provide superior protection for your plants from insects, birds, frost, wind and weather. Shielded from the outside, the inside provides optimum air circulation which promotes accelerated growth. FlowerHouses improve climatic conditions in all geographic locations. With warmth and moisture kept in, your annual, perennial, and tropical plants will bloom earlier and longer. You can get a head start on the spring and summer months and even garden year around. Constructed with Gro-Tec material, FlowerHouses are 100% waterproof and UV ray resistant. With rip stop protection, you can rest assured your FlowerHouse will remain protected for a longer life. There is a FlowerHouse to suit your needs and even one you'll never outgrow.

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