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Earthmaker Aerobic Composter

Let gravity do the work for you! Earthmaker Composter is a three chamber composting bin that allows a constant input of organic material in the top chamber and provides a continuous source of compost from the bottom. This concept allows you to process a greater amount of kitchen and garden waste at a faster rate. It’s ingenious design features a removable floor to the top chamber that allows material to be moved from the top to the middle chamber without effort. Material is mixed and aerated in the process.

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Capacity: 124 Gallons (16.5 cubic feet)
Dimensions: 30" dia. x 47" tall
World's First Continuous Cycle Compost Bin

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Our "Down in the Dirt" review
Absolutely the “nicest” way to make compost, from the human’s perspective. This design eliminates all trips to the garden to tumble your compost. If you only have time to dump the kitchen scraps into the top, the rest is done for you. By the time it gets to the bottom, it’s finished compost. Gardening just got a whole lot easier! Even Great-Gramma can go green with one of these!

Earthmaker Aerobic Composting Bin - The King of Composters!

This is different!  This is easy!  Simply start by putting some kitchen and garden waste in the top chamber (slightly moist, not too heavy).  About every 3-6 weeks or so (it’s not rocket science-just garden science) transfer the material in the top chamber into the middle chamber and then into the bottom.

Approximately 3 months after startup, you have finished compost in the bottom chamber ready to harvest.  By this time you will also have partially finished compost in the center chamber and fresh materials in the top chamber, and you just keep the cycle going for a non-stop compost supply. There is no such thing as too much compost!
  • earthmaker compost composting binThe world's first continuous cycle compost bin! Organic waste is added at the top anytime, quality compost is taken from the bottom when needed.
  • Material aerates as it falls down the chambers decomposing rather than rotting, thus reducing the production of smells, flies, and greenhouse gases
  • For busy people wanting an easy, green way to deal with organic waste. Very little effort and just a few minutes each month is required to move the contents from chamber to chamber. Independent trials proven the Earthmaker processes kitchen and garden waste twice the speed of traditional compost bins.
  • Can produce 35 liters/ 10 gallons of compost every month.
  • Keeps fresh waste and mature compost separate.
  • Large openings for adding waste and removing compost.
  • Delivered in a flat pack that clicks together easily. No tools or composting experience required to get started.

Our "down in the dirt" Experts Opinion
by Becky Slocum

“Good for the planet – great for the garden!”

That’s how Earthmaker Europe Ltd. describes it’s new next-generation compost maker. It is the smartest composter in the history of modern backyard gardening, and it even looks different from other composters.  The most amazing feature of this composter is that gravity does all the work (you will now have to get your exercise elsewhere). There is absolutely no turning of drums or handles or dumping out of finished product. Here’s how it works:

The composter has three chambers stacked together.  You start from the top by putting your garden and kitchen waste in the top chamber by simply lifting the lid and tossing it in.  Fill it up! This chamber will heat up and compact down over a few days. Kitchen waste can continue to be added, along with grass clippings after you mow the lawn.                

Then, every month or so pull out the panel in the floor of the top chamber to allow the material to tumble into the middle chamber and put the panel back in.  Now you can continue to fill the top chamber as before.  Over the next few weeks, the material in the middle chamber will gradually decompose further and begin to spill down the sloping shelf into the bottom chamber, but if some gets stuck you can use the push-pull tool that comes with the composter to push the material down to the outlet.

After a further month in the lowest chamber, the compost should be matured enough to be scooped out and used in your garden. In the meantime, you have allowed the second load of garden and kitchen waste to drop into the middle chamber and are now loading the top chamber for a third time, creating a continuous cycle of excellent compost.

Once a month the contents can be quickly moved down from chamber to chamber.  It will take a minimum of 3 months before mature compost can be removed from the Earthmaker, depending on the season and climate, but once established the continuous cycle process enables an Earthmaker to provide up to 20-30 litres of excellent compost every month.

Worms can be added to the compost in the middle chamber to speed the process and add valuable worm castings to create a rich finished product that is better than ordinary compost.  If you place redworms into the middle chamber, they will eat up any small particles that are present and migrate upwards into more undigested particles as they move. Never wash the center chamber, as valuable micro-organisms and worms may be hiding in the grooves inside. If there are a lot of worms in your finished product, I recommend you scoop them up and replace into the middle chamber, thus recycling the worms and keeping everybody happy!