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DriWater Time Release Watering System - Small Plant Combo Pac 2

DRIWATER 2" Gel Packs
The 2” Gel Pac is the perfect choice for watering while you are at home or on vacation. Use it to water your small houseplants, poinsettias during the holidays, beautiful hanging plants, and even your outdoor plants. Lasts for up to 30 days, so take that extended vacation you’ve needed, DRiWATER will stay at home and carefully water your plants.

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Combo Pac 1 Includes:
(20) 2" Diameter x 6" Long - easy-to-use gel pacs (9 oz.)

Time release plant watering
Use for Small houseplants in 4”-14” pots
Waters plants up to 30 days

Usually ships within 3 days

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DRIWATER Combo Pack 2 contains (20) - 2", easy-to-use, non-toxic gel pacs (9 oz.) that supply water to hanging baskets, small potted plants or indoor plants safely and effectively without over saturating. These convenient 9 oz. gel pacs provides 30 DAYS of water to small plants. Comes in an easy to use package and can be used alone or as a refill for the DRIWATER Tube. It is suitable for window boxes, Poinsettias, ferns and more!

is a patented product that consists of 98% purified water and 2% food grade ingredients. It is bound in the form of a gel-like solid that provides consistent subsurface irrigation to plants up to three months! DRiWATER is NOT a polymer or wetting agent and is organic and completely non-toxic.

Step by step installation of 2" Gel Pac

Step 1 - Water plant thoroughly before applying Driwater.

Step 2 - Open Gel Pac by cutting from end to end. Pull sides of plastic casing apart to expose entire length of the DRiWATER. Do not remove DRiWATER from casing when using directly on the soil surface.

Step 3 - Place on moist soil surface, with opening face down, next to the stem of the plant. (It is important that the DRiWATER touches the soil so liquefaction can begin.) The Gel Pacs can be cut in half with casing on. Gel Pacs are pliable once the casing is sliced open and will bend to form fit container.

Step 4 – Replace when empty. (30 days)

Hints & Tips:

  • For smaller pots, take gel pac out of casing and mold around plant, cover with kitchen plastic wrap.
  • For smaller pots, cut the gel pac in half and stand upright on the soil. Be sure that the gel in in contact with the soil.
  • Usage will vary depending on water requirements of the individual plant.
  • The gel exposed when casing is pulled apart should be approximately 1" wide at the center.
  • Larger plants or plants with a high water demand such as outdoor plants and hanging baskets will require additional Gel
    Pacs and/or occasional watering.
  • It is important to water thoroughly when applying DRiWATER. Moisture is only carried 5” below soil surface.
  • Read the DRIWATER FAQ's

provides the only irrigation solution that is based on modifying the properties of water, and thus, is the only irrigation solution that transcends the constraints of traditional methods of accessing, transporting, storing or applying water to plants. It is the only product on the market that can deliver moisture directly to a plant’s roots, making frequent or repeated watering unnecessary and saving labor and equipment costs. Additionally, there is no water wasted or need for a permanent water source.


History Mr. Lee Avera, a food chemist, known for his inventions at Skippy Peanut Butter Company, developed DRiWATER in the late 1900’s. In the beginning, Mr. Avera’s goal was intended for use in reforestation and as an aid to combat the effects of global warming. Today, DRiWATER provides a revolutionary irrigation solution that is the most cost-effective and precise way to water our world efficiently, while its uses for tomorrow are unlimited. Research is currently being conducted for other extraordinary ways DRiWATER can improve the world.

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