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DekoRRa Rock 104

With the large investments homeowners make in landscaping, precise attention to detail is always part of the job. But what about that wellhead, pressure tank or pressure system that sticks up right in the middle of the flower garden?

With a lightweight, extremely durable and incredibly realistic rock enclosure, an exposed pipe will blend right in with your existing landscaping. They quickly turn an obvious eyesore into a beautiful finished appearance. And so simple, even a caveman could do it!

Our Price: $408.00
Comes in two material color choices (see below)
Stock #DEK-RK104

Dimensions: 60"L x 48"W x 41"H - Weight 39 lbs
For Pressure Tanks up to 38" tall
Insulation accessories available

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Our "Down in the Dirt" review
"The DekoRRa rocks, along with the insulating pouch, will not only protect your pipes and utility outlets from freezing, but might also protect them from accidents, tampering and vandalism. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say."

Model 104 - A large rock that can hide almost anything:

• Pressure Tanks up to 38” tall
• Well Assemblies
• Electrical Transformers
• Pool Filter and Pump Equipment
• Backflow Dimensions: RPZ 42"L × 30"H - PVB 34"L × 34"H
• Insulation Accessories Available

These top-quality rock enclosures are made from the all-new textured material RealRock™.   With RealRock™, this gritty, tough, and varigated rock-like surface that is astonishingly realistic, with unmatched longevity in virtually any climate, you acheive incredibly realistic aesthetics.  You truly have to see it, to believe it.  

DekoRRa Rocks conceal unsightly devices that detract from the value and beauty of your landscaping.  Classic shape artificial rock is suitable for septic and well pipes, centrifugal pumps, small pump systems, and backflow assemblies.   All Dekorra rock enclosures are made in the USA from recyclable materials.  

Installation is simple - just place the Dekorra® rock enclosure over a wellhead or pressure tank and secure it with the provided ground stakes. Then add decorative stone, mulch and plants—the results are remarkable.

Material Color Choices:   and

RIVERBED is varigated brown with rich combinations of natural dark tones and multicolor highlights.
FIELDSTONE is soft grey with a rich combination of natural tones and multicolor highlights.


BUILT TO LAST: Our rock enclosures offer features that set us apart from our competitors.



The patented flange design secures the enclosure to the ground. Heavy-duty stakes are included with each model.


The sturdy reinforced edge around the bottom of each model adds weight and strength competitors don't offer. these can withstand 100 lbs per square foot!

A Note About Measurement: Length and width measurements for each product are taken at the base. The height measurement is the highest point of each rock. Because the shapes are irregular, these measurements are guides for how large an item will fit under the enclosure. If you have any questions about whether an item will work with a particular rock, please contact us and we will assist you.

How to Calculate size:  calculate the dimensions of the device that you want to conceal following types A and B below, if you are still unsure, email us those dimensions specifying A or B and what exactly it is you are trying to conceal, we will recommend the right size rock enclosure for your application.   
Type A


Type B







DekoRRa Products

We manufacture artificial rocks that conceal a variety of unsightly devices found in city, rural, residential and commercial landscapes. We design our products with specific purposes in mind. You’ll see how our expertise provides a quality product and a real solution. From well and septic applications to outdoor lighting and irrigation, we’ve covered all the possibilities. With incredible aesthetics and a unique flange design that allows our enclosures to be secured to the ground with stakes, it’s no surprise our products have received patents. When they’re installed with secure anchors and surrounded by landscaping stone or mulch, it’s virtually impossible to distinguish our products from real rock.

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