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Worm Composters


We Know Composting! and we want to share our knowledge with you. We are different from most other stores in that we have many of these composters in our backyard making compost right now! So when you need help, or have a question we are here with real hands on "down in t the dirt" advice to get the most out of your new composter.


Now comes in THREE colors!Expanded view of the Worm FactoryThe Entire Worm Factory Kit

 Worms, Worms Worms! There are a variety of different models of Vermicomposters on the market, but the one we’ve selected as the best for our customers is the Worm Factory.  This vermicomposter’s features and design make it stand out from the crowd.  The Worm Factory has the smallest footprint, making it easy to fit just about anywhere.  It is expandable to suit the needs of any grower.  Finally, The Worm Factory composter is the easiest to use:  Assembly and operation are simple and the instructions and vermicomposting tips on the ventilation lid are the best available in the market.


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Worm Composters