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Compost Tumblers


We Know Composting!
and we want to share our knowledge with you. We are different from most other stores in that we have many of these compost tumblers in our backyard making compost right now! So when you need help, or have a question we are here with real hands on "down in t the dirt" advice to get the most out of your new composter.

The major innovation in composting today is the tumbling composter.  These composters come in a variety of shapes and designs with each claiming to be better than the rest.  The principal behind a compost tumbler is that the agitation helps break up the compost and aerate it.  Breaker bars inside the drum break up the compost as it tumbles down when the drum is rotated.  The resulting aeration then allows the aerobic bacteria to break down the compost materials more quickly and at higher temperatures.  The agitation also mixes the compost materials giving the resulting compost product a more consistent finish.

If you need help selecting the perfect compost tumbler for you - call Theresa, our composting expert, We are not a huge company with a call center - we are real "down in the dirt" gardeners who are here to help you with practical composting advice.

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