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Compact Lite Single Shelf Brown Plant Cart

Everything you need in one compact unit, from newly planted seedlings to beautiful full blooms. Fitting for floors or tabletops.

Our Price: $214.50
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Two 24 inch, 20 watt Gro-Lux Wide Spectrum Fluorescent Grow Tubes
Stock #G11B

Size: 22"h x 27"w x 12"d
One tan 22" x 11" Perma-Nest tray
1" square brown tube frames

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Nurture your plants, flowers, and herbs with this compact lite cart.  With it's heavy duty 1" square brown tube frame and tan perma-nest trays* it's attractive and easy to use. Features two 24", 20 watt Gro-Lux Wide Spectrum Fluorescent Grow Tubes and one non adjustable shelf.

*Perma-nest trays interior dimensions are 20" x 9-1/2" at the bottom and 21" x 10" at the top.

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