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Circular Sandbox with Cover

This is not your average backyard sandbox. This 10.5 foot diameter is lots of room to play, and yet has a simple beauty and simplicity like that of a zen garden.. This does not scream childish, no garishly bright colors or cartoonish shape, and yet it is, perfectly. There is nothing like a clean tidy sandbox to keep children, of all ages, safely occupied for hours and hours.

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•Includes: 16 Stacking Joints, 16 Composite Curved Wood Grain Timbers , 1 sandbox liner
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Eco-friendly made from recycled plastic by Frame it AllĀ®
Strong, durable, easy to install
Elastic drawstring keeps the cover tight to keep out pests

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Gone are the ugly red, orange, blue, and green plastic monstrosities that overpowered the aesthetics of our yards.  This is a sandbox that is safe for children (no splinters), rugged, resistant to warping from winter frost, won’t rot from exposure to rain and moisture. 


    • eco-friendly made from recycled plastic
    • splinter and toxin free
    • never rots
    • easy to install
    • elastic drawstring keeps the cover tight, keeps animals, water and yard debris out
    • cover Tarp tabs easy to install and remove

    This elegant 10.5 foot diameter SandBox is assembled using the revolutionary Frame It All Curved Composite Timbers.  This sandbox is a feature that will inspire compliments, add impressive eye appeal to any garden, and at the same time provide a safe place to play.  The rest is up to your childs imagination.

The kit comprises Curved  Composite Wood Grain Timbers, Stacking Joints, Hardware, Tarp Cover, and Instructions.   All you need is a screwdriver and a mallet.   You will have assembled a low maintenance sandbox that will retain it's sand. It is durable, rot-proof and will not lose its rich wood grain color, which weathers naturally over time.

As for the cover, just release the tarp tabs and remove the green nylon cover from the sturdy Circular sandbox. The beach ball which lifts the cover above the sand and creates a dome effect, by consequence also allows the air trapped inside to warm up the surface of the sand. In an instant children are in sandbox heaven.

The Frame It All system consists of three components. The concept is based on the patented design of the Frame It All Anchor Joint and Stacking Joint. Made of durable ABS high-impact plastic in a color that blends in with your landscape, Anchor and Stacking joints swivel a full 270º offering a multitude of design options for laying out sandboxes and other landscape elements.

Plus, the Composite Timbers are eco-friendly – manufactured from 60% recycled post-consumer plastic and 40% wood flour.  The joint stakes are also eco-friendly – manufactured from recycled ABS Plastic.