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Bigfoot Ebb & Flow Hydroponic Garden System

Introducing the newest member to the American Hydroponics family, the Bigfoot Hydroponic Garden! This new Ebb & Flow system has all the benefits of our tried and true Econo Systems, with a more convenient size.

Our Price: $429.95
Kit Includes: Tray and plumbing, 25 gallon reservoir, table frame, submersible pump and easy to follow instructions
Stock #HF-AH91048

Type: Ebb and Flow System
Large capacity will start lots of plants
Perfect for small homes or apartments

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The Bigfoot Ebb & Flow Hydroponic Garden System can fit nicely even in small homes are apartments, yet is has large capacity to start lots of plants in individual pots. The instructions help even the novelist to get a great start on gardening. This unit is built to last many seasons, constructed of UV stabilized , impact resistant, ABS plastic that is 0.156" thick.

The tray on the Bigfoot was specifically designed to leave no standing water in your system.  This will allow for a healthier root zone, which means healthier plants! Perfect for the gardener living in small quarters, the Bigfoot Complete comes with a tray, reservoir, table frame, pump and all plumbing, including the original AmHydro Fill/Drain Fitting Kit.  The Bigfoot is also available without a table frame, or you can purchase the tray seperately.


  • Tray featuring the original AmHydro Fill/Drain Fitting Kit  and plumbing
  • Reservoir (25 gallons)
  • Table frame
  • Highly reliable, energy-saving submersible pump
  • Bedding and reservoir trays are UV-stabilized, vacuum formed ABS plastic (no seems, no cracking)
  • Bedding tray is specifically designed to prevent standing water
  • 25-gallon reservoir designed to nest with bedding tray and provide easy access to reservoir
  • Easy to assemble galvanized steel table frame
  • Highly reliable, energy-saving submersible pump
  • Plumbing and fittings are pre-assembled
  • Available in Black or White.