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Articles by Bec Slocum
"My Credentials As Your Garden Guru"
By Rebecca Slocum (known around our offices as Bec)

I have been gardening for 40 years in many different gardening zones around the country, and I have seen how some hard work and care can produce beautiful results in plants. I am a self-educated, hands-on gardener, having built my own greenhouses from scratch and tilled the soil with my own fingers. I have watched the evolution from yesterday’s slow, back-breaking composting methods to today’s ingenious compost tumbler designs. I enjoy reading seed catalogs for fun, as well as every other book on gardening that comes my way.

My love for gardening began as a teenager when my mother introduced me to Organic Gardening and Farming magazine (yes, it had ‘Farming’ in the title back then). She was avant-garde about nutrition and organic gardening, and I have inherited that same enthusiasm. Times have changed, and today’s recent fascination with healthy eating, vitamin supplements, and organic gardening without pesticides wasn’t around in the 1970’s. Fitness and nutrition guru Jack La Lane was a young man then, and vitamin stores failed more often than they succeeded. I remember a time when, if you went to buy tomato plants, you also needed to buy a carton of pesticide powder because hornworms were a fact of gardening. That is, if you gardened at all - and most people did not.

The most exciting thing happening right now is the convergence of the old organic gardening concepts with the current awareness of pollution and global climate change, working together in an effort to not only to help the earth survive, but also to improve it. I have witnessed the slow, gradual acceptance of the organic movement in the 80’s and 90’s to its exponential awareness that we see today. We need to learn from the mistakes and successes we have made in the past and use them toward conservation in order to protect our future

My perspective on gardening is organic from the core - or I should say, from the dirt up. Organic gardening is not just the absence of harmful chemicals, but the pro-active application of earth-friendly methods that assist mother nature in doing her part to help us all survive our little stint on earth and leave something for the next generation after us. I call it ‘responsible gardening’. Being the type of intelligent person who appreciates beauty, productivity, generosity, and efficiency in all things, there just is no other way for me to approach gardening.

The future is looking better all the time. It is going to be exciting to watch the gardening bug transform into a butterfly. There are some very good blogs on the web that offer advice. Our gardening blog will offer the best advice in gardening under glass, organically, and environmentally sound methods.
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