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Aeroflo2 30 Site Aeroponics System

With a 20-gallon reservoir and thirty plant sites, the 3 grow chambers can be kept side-by-side or fanned out in a radial pattern to maximize growth on lower branches. The AeroFlo2 30 is a perfect system for those who want a smaller high performance system. Excellent for growing lettuces, basil and other smaller plants up to three or four feet in height.

Our Price: $696.67
30 growing sites
Stock #HF-GH8001

20 Gallon reservoir
3 sets of 6 foot long growing chambers
Dimensions: 2'x7'

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The AeroFlo2 30 site system includes everything you need to get started, and will work beautifully when placed near a sunny window in your home or office.

Download the Assembly and Users Manual

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